Guar Gum CAS WENA-0216


CAS Number



Guar Gum


Natural products

Chemical Composition

Plant polysaccharides and modified components

Product Types

Carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar gum,hydroxypropyl guar gum,guar gum hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride,hydroxypropyl guar gum hydroxypropyl,trimethyl ammonium chloride, carboxymethyl guar gum.



Pale yellow powder

Safety Data


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Specifications and Other Information of Our Guar Gum CAS WENA-0216

Two specification

Food grade and Industrial grade (for oil field use).


25KG/bag, outer layer kraft paper, inner layer PE film bag.

Shelf Life

2 years


Under room temperature away from light


Guar gum is a natural polymer known to be effective and water soluble. At low concentrations, highly viscous solutions can be formed; exhibit non-Newtonian rheological properties, and form acid-reversible gels with borax due to its unique properties.

Known Application

Widely used in oil fracturing, drilling and other thickening purposes, as well as food additives, printing and dyeing and architectural coatings and other industries.

Other Derivatives of Guar Gum

Description of Hydroxypropyl guar

Hydroxypropyl guar is chemically modified from guar powder and has many excellent properties. Compared with guar collagen powder, the water-insoluble matter and gel-breaking residue are greatly reduced, which can adapt to the fracturing operation with well temperature above 90 degrees Celsius, and the chemical stability is greatly improved. At the same time, HPG is a kind of high-grade non-ionic thickener, which has good compatibility with base fluid, and is the most widely used fracturing thickener in my country.

Items/SpecoficationSpecofication ISpecofication IISpecofication III
AppearancePale yellow powderPale yellow powderPale yellow powder
Water insoluble matter≤4.0%≤4.0%≤8.0%
Apparent viscosity (cps, 30°C, FANN35, 100rpm, 0.6% aqueous solution)≥40≥37≥35
Hydroxypropyl degree of substitution PO MS≥0.30≥0.30≥0.15

Description of Instant guar gum

Instant guar gum is a pure natural guar gum without chemical modification. The viscosity release speed is fast, and the release viscosity reaches 90% in three minutes. In this way, the viscosity of guar gum is fully utilized, easy to use, cost is reduced, and quality is improved. It fully cooperates with the current continuous mixing fracturing construction technology, shortens fluid preparation time, saves fluid storage space, and achieves improved fracturing. The purpose of construction efficiency and saving construction costs.

Items/SpecoficationSpecofication ISpecofication II
AppearancePale yellow powderPale yellow powder
Apparent viscosity (cps, 25°C, FANN35 300rpm,0.48%,2.0%KCL)3min: 40
60min: 45
3min: 35
60min: 40

Description of Carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar gum

Carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar gum is an anionic polymer double-modified by guar gum. It is a new oilfield fracturing thickener developed for the special requirements of high temperature well fracturing. It has good high temperature resistance. And shear resistance, good sand-carrying ability, low friction, easy construction, complete glue breaking, low glue breaking liquid residue, little damage to the oil layer, easy to mix and other unique properties. It is an ideal high temperature fracturing thickener.

Items/SpecoficationSpecofication ISpecofication IISpecofication IIISpecofication Ⅳ
AppearancePale yellow powderPale yellow powderPale yellow powderPale yellow powder
Water insoluble matter≤4.0%≤4.0%≤6.0%≤6.0%
Apparent viscosity (cps, 25°C, 100rpm, 0.48% solution)
4 min(Water)36343331
4 min(Water)35333230
4 min(Water)41393735
60min (1%kcl)40383634
Carboxymethyl degree of substitution CM DS0.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3
Hydroxypropyl degree of substitution PO MS0.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3

Description of Cationic guar gum

Cationic guar gum is a cationic polymer made from natural renewable natural resource guar beans after purification and chemical modification. It can effectively increase the viscosity of the formulation system, and the shear thinning rheological properties can make thick The formulation system has excellent spreadability and can achieve good conditioning properties in combination with anionic surfactants in the shampoo system. As a thickener and conditioner, it has a wide range of applications in products such as shampoos, conditioners, body washes and hand soaps.

Items/SpecoficationSpecofication ISpecofication IISpecofication III
AppearancePale yellowish white powderPale yellowish white powderPale yellowish white powder
Viscosity(1% brookfield 3#,20PRM)≥2000mpa.s≥4000mpa.s≥500mpa.s
Nitrogen content1.3-1.71.5-2.01.0-1.5
Colonies number≤500cfu/g≤500cfu/g≤500cfu/g
ApplicationMainly used in shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand soap and other productsMainly used in shampoo, shower gel, hand soap and other products that require higher conditioning performanceMainly used in transparent shampoo, hand sanitizer and other transparent products

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