Based on our advanced equipment, long-standing test, analysis and synthesis experience, chemical action understanding and excellent supply chain control, Watson Noke provides service of developing chemical formulations, both original and modified. By our service, our clients can take their time catching marketing and cost down by larger extent.

The normal process of handling a project is shown below,

First, irrespective of whether we have a formal secrecy agreement in place with you, WATSON NOKE will handle your enquiry and other information with the utmost confidentiality. Should you wish to have a formal agreement put in place before disclosing any details, we will be pleased to arrange this.

Second, we organize a complete evaluation on the ingredients in the formulation. If the sample can be provided by our clients, we will test and analyze the given sample directly. Or we will work together with our clients to figure out several possible solutions based on the requirement.

Third, after ingredients are determined, our scientists write the initial formulation and production procedures.

Fourth, small batches are formulated in the lab to determine the right balance of ingredients. Typically this is done at the gram scale, resulting in the first bench-scale batch. After making adjustments to match the customer’s concept, the bench-scale formula is finalized. You will have the benefit of our vast chemical formulation expertise as well as our extensive database of experts.

Finally, we will supply a range of samples for your evaluation. Your feedback at this stage is essential to providing a product that fits your needs. Once a final formulation is agreed upon, the product is ready for performance testing.

Our served areas involve liquid crystals, OLED, light-sensitive films, special plastic, and cleanser.

Analysis Spectrum of a Chemical Formulation Development Case

Analysis Spectrum of a Chemical Formulation Development Case