In recent years, market demands for chemical products have become increasingly diverse and specialized, meaning that we must be able to offer customers a diverse range of synthesis techniques.

WATSON NOKE meets customer’s needs by leveraging our accumulated wealth of technical knowledge and experience and harnessing our diverse range of facilities and equipment designed for all kinds of chemical reactions.

We can take custom synthesis services from milligram to ton scale and are an ideal organization for performing custom synthesis that is essential for your discovery and preclinical needs. Our team has experience with various chemical compounds including pharmaceuticals, key intermediates, metabolites and agrochemicals  Our specialized facilities can handle the most difficult of projects including chiral synthesis, stable isotopes and natural products. Our highly trained team of scientists is experienced in medicinal chemistry, process research and pilot plants.
Custom synthesis services include:
a. Small-Scale Synthesis
b. Synthesis of API and Intermediates
c. Large-Scale Manufacturing

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