Watson Noke helps customers from different fields to develop their required fine chemicals. From pharmaceutical materials, food preservatives, construction chemicals to photographic chemicals and so on, Watson Nokel tries to achieve high quality by the most economic route. We are honoured to serve many world-famous enterprises, R&D departments and educational organizations, some of which are listed below:

Case Study 1

Manufacture of a plastic additive

  • For a seven step synthesis from lab to pilot scale
  • Flexible combination of standard and new chemical reactions
  • 4 months from contracting to delivery of 1.5 ton product
  • Our Indian competitor failed to deliver the other component of the target molecule

Case Study 2

Photosensitive material for image technology

  • 9 step synthesis: from lab to production (150 kilograms) and delivery within 23 weeks
  • Qualification of raw materials
  • High requirements for organic impurities
  • Very high requirements for ionic impurities (ppb)

Case Study 3

Large-scale production of a non-regulated Pharma intermediate

  • Three step process for an intermediate used in the production of an API blockbuster. Watson Noke accompanied the project from lab scale through piloting to large scale production
  • Today, Watson Noke has consistently delivered 500kg per year of this non-regulated intermediate
  • Optimization of critical process parameters (pressure, temperature) in combination with catalyst (catalyst screening important step) has led to superior quality