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In 2001, Watson Noke began its business with military intermediates used as additives in rocket, most of which are still our key products till today.

HNMR of  Triphenylbismuth and Tris(4-ethoxyphenyl)bismuthine

(Both are used as curing agent in rocket fuel)

Then, two original military intermediates were found to be used for other areas. From then on, Watson Noke started to serve customers in more fields and now has more than 100 competitive mature products along with thousands of intermediates during the development process.

Some Unique Products of Watson Noke

Product Name CAS Number Productivity Molecular Structure
Acetylferrocene 1271-55-2 500kg/month  Structure of Acetylferrocene CAS 1271-55-2
Ethylferrocene 1273-89-8  Structure of Ethylferrocene CAS 1273-89-8
1-(Ferrocenyl)ethanol 1277-49-2 Structure of 1-Ferrocenylethanol CAS 1277-49-2
Lilolidine 5840-01-7  Structure of Lilolidine CAS 5840-01-7
Dimethyl diacetoxyfumarate 130-84-7 5kg/month  Structure of Dimethyl diacetoxyfumarate CAS 130-84-7
Dimethyl dihydroxyfumarate 133-47-1  Structure of Dimethyl dihydroxyfumarate CAS 133-47-1
Triphenylbismuth 603-33-8 500kg/month  Structure of Triphenylbismuth CAS 603-33-8
Tris(4-ethoxyphenyl)bismuthine 90591-48-3 30kg/month  Structure of Tris(4-ethoxyphenyl)bismuthine CAS 90591-48-3
4,4′-(9-Fluorenylidene)diphenol 3236-71-3 2000kg/month  Structure of Fluorene-9-bisphenol CAS 3236-71-3
N,N’-hexane-1,6-diylbis(aziridine-1-carboxamide) 2271-93-4(157948-35-1) 280kg/month  Structure of BRN-0247205 CAS 2271-93-4 (157948-35-1)
(9-Phenyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)boronic acid 854952-58-2 200kg/month  Structure of (9-Phenyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)boronic acid CAS 854952-58-2
4,4’-Thiodibenzenethiol 19362-77-7 500kg/month  Structure of 4,4'-Thiodibenzenethiol CAS 19362-77-7
Togni’s Reagent 887144-97-0 20kg/month  Structure of Togni’s Reagent CAS 887144-97-0
Togni Reagent II 887144-94-7  Structure of Togni Reagent II CAS 887144-94-7
Tert-Butyl ethyl carbinol 3970-62-5 500kg/month
Pyrrole 109-97-7 25000kg/month
3-methyl-5-hydroxymethyl-4-iodoisoxazole N/A 50kg/month

With long-standing experience and expertise, advanced management system, more than 30 devoted scientists and engineers, 2 leading labs and 2 owned along with 4 other long-term outsourcing production plants and full access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as NMR, IR, Chiral, GC & HPLC, WATSON NOKE now possesses the powerful research and development capability for new products, and assurance of product quality. Our goal is to reduce the cost and give the entire technique support and the best service to our customers.

One of Watson Noke Lab

One of our labs

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