Committed to Better Fine Chemicals

As the support and coordination branch of other FCAD (’s R&D companies, Watson Noke is playing a very important role in developing key intermediates and working on complicated projects across different R&D companies. Watson Noke also develops and manufactures basic materials to optimize the material cost for other R&D companies.

Under FCAD, there are four other R&D companies whose products are also listed here. But for details, you may visit their websites directly.

  • Apnoke Scientific Ltd, focusing on amino acids and peptides
  • Ulcho Biochemical Ltd, committed to Carbohydrate, Nucleotide, Nucleoside and other biochemical products
  • Caming Pharmaceutical Ltd, developing active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates, impurities, excipients, steroid hormones, veterinary products and diagnostic reagents
  • Warshel Chemical Ltd, the expert of Advanced Materials and Performance Chemicals including Catalysts, Resins, Electronic Chemicals(For liquid crystal and OLED), Agrochemicals and Other Performance Products such as antioxidants, adhesive, crosslinking agents and curing agents
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